Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is an avid horseback rider, often taking long rides through the hills of Los Angeles with his 8-year-old niece. The two also enjoy a few rounds of mini-golf from time to time. He's also passionate about exercise, spending much of his time in his home gym working out and meeting fitness goals. In addition to these activities, Mitchell rescued a Shepherd and spent much time with the dog by his side, engaging in many activities together.

He is a Rotarian, philanthropist, and all-around great guy. He is proud to be a member of Rotary, an international organization that dedicates itself to helping others. Ian participates in several Rotary clubs in the Los Angeles area, including the Pasadena Rotary Club and Studio City/Sherman Oaks Rotary Club.

Mitchell King is also very active in volunteer work. He gives his time and resources to homeless outreach programs and other organizations focusing on underserved groups, such as veterans and battered women. Additionally, Ian donates to religious organizations like The Aleph Institute.

His community service includes volunteering at local homeless shelters and the PALS youth center, where he provides support and mentorship. He also contributes to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter.

His military background continues influencing his philanthropic activities, with American Legion and Marine Corps League memberships. Through these organizations, he supports fellow veterans and contributes to community welfare.

King takes pride in his affiliations with the American Bar Association (ABA) as a USC Alumni mentor, sponsor, and active participation in the Rotary Club. His involvement with the Surfer Foundation for Underserved Youth in San Diego and membership in the Valley Industry Commerce Association (VICA) is significant to him. Above all, his role as a philanthropist dedicated to supporting various underprivileged groups is one of his most essential and cherished accomplishments.